Building Arts Sustainable Architecture+Construction is a team of dedicated professionals encompassing Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Management and Carpentry. Building Arts hires sub-contractors of the highest quality, and we rely on other consultants for structural engineering, soils engineering, geothermal heating and cooling and solar energy.

Harvey Sherman, who is the Director and founder of Building Arts, has worked in the design and building industry for over 25 years as a registered, practicing Architect, as a teacher and, prior to starting Building Arts in 1997, as a remodeling Project Manager. As such, he has completed a wide variety of highly successful projects, and much of his work has been on older homes and buildings.

In 1984 Mr. Sherman created and directed "A New American House", the highly publicized national architectural competition, to design a small prototypical house in which a family could simultaneously live and work, which was sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Ben Yanz, the Production Manager at Building Arts, has been a part of the sustainable remodeling movement for over twelve years. Having been introduced to the concepts of sustainability while working with the Re-Use Center in Minneapolis, Ben transitioned into carpentry work and earned his B.A.S. in Construction Management at the University of Minnesota.

Mr. Yanz has experience working with many different materials, methods and styles of architecture. He has worked for Building Arts for more than six years, and contributes his skills in carpentry, project management, and client relations. Ben is proud of the work we do, and is honored to now be a partner in Building Arts.

“I enjoy remodeling, not just because we are adding value to someone’s home, but because we develop a close relationship with the client and are able to see them experience and enjoy both the process and the outcome.”

Ben and Harvey have recently joined in partnership to guide Building Arts into the future.